Recipe: Appetizing chicken and rice casserole

chicken and rice casserole. Stir chicken, water, rice, cream of chicken soup, cream of celery soup, and cream of mushroom soup together in the prepared casserole dish; season with salt and pepper. This chicken and rice casserole dinner from is the easiest decision you'll make all week. Is there anything more comforting than a chicken & rice casserole?

chicken and rice casserole I see beautiful chicken and rice casserole recipes online all the time but when I click over to look at them, most of them are made with instant rice and I HATE INSTANT RICE so I suck my teeth and move on. An easy casserole recipe for creamy rice and fork-tender chicken that cooks in one dish. Chicken and Rice Casserole is a classic family favorite here in the United States. You can have chicken and rice casserole using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of chicken and rice casserole

  1. It's 1 of For the 5 chicken breast.
  2. Prepare 3 cup of minute rice.
  3. You need 2 can of cream of mushroom soup :.

In this recipe I've stuck with a completely "from scratch" concept. A lot of times nowadays chicken and rice casserole comes from a box or is made from a bunch of canned ingredients. Who doesn't love a combo of chicken and rice, right?! We can do so much better and prepare chicken broccoli and rice casserole without canned soup, and in just ONE POT.

chicken and rice casserole instructions

  1. fry chicken till done.
  2. cook rice till done.
  3. cut chicken into cubes.
  4. layer some mushroom soup on bottom of casserole dish then some chicken then some rice keep layering bake covered with foil on 350 for 20 minutes then 10 minutes uncovered let rest for 5 minutes then ready to scarf down.

This chicken and rice casserole is frequently requested by my husband who grew up calling it "Forgotten Chicken." Simple and satisfying! And then, like a true casserole lover, smother it with cheese or sour cream or something really bad for you. No, it doesn't have to be bad for you. How to Make Chicken and Rice Casserole. First, note that we use chicken thighs, instead of the more popular (and more expensive) breasts.

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